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Unschooling My Children

Unschooling My Children

Heart  Originally written in 2006 – updated in 2011  Heart


Ron & Andrea over at are asking unschoolers to answer these questions for the next Carnival of Unschooling. (A carnival is a collection of related blog posts).

Update 2011: The Carnival of Unschooling moved to this blog after a while and was called Unschooling Voices. The carnival has retired but you can read the archives on this site. 

1. Unschooling feels, sounds or appears like a good philosophy to follow, but ________ prevent me (or make me hesitant to) follow through with it.

2. Unschooling my child(ren) has enabled me to see ________

I guess the first question would be directed to those who are just starting out their unschooling journey, still thinking about it or have extreme circumstances where unschooling would not work.

Here’s my answer to question #2.

Unschooling my children is enabling me to see that learning is everywhere. The more they are out of school, the more I see the curiosity and spark in their eyes.

Unschooling my children is enabling me to see that learning is fun and enjoyable. Learning is not filling in a bubble on a test. Learning is not being told to memorize a bunch of facts that they could very easily find, in a matter of minutes, online or in a book.

Unschooling my children is enabling me to see that their interests and passions are valid and important.

Unschooling my children is enabling me to see them…for all they are and all they can become.

Unschooling my children his enabling me to see that life really is for living and exploring and singing and creating and discovering and trying and doing and being.

© 2011 An Unschooling Life

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4 Responses to “Unschooling My Children”

  1. Joanne says:

    Thanks Jessica. As I said, it was a nice surprise and I thank you for thinking my words were worthwhile. Smile You can use my first and last name: Joanne Greco. Thanks!

  2. Jessica says:

    Aha! Thanks Joanne. I had read and saved that from AU, I think it was but didn’t get the author. How shall I quote you? Initials, first & last name, other?? Let me know and thanks for the inspiring words. Smile

  3. Joanne says:

    I changed it a bit because I wanted to add more links but I didn’t want the side bar to look to messy. What I did was link to a page of links instead of linking to the sites themselves. If you click on “Unschooling”, it’ll take you to my list of unschooling links and i believe the one you’re looking for is the last one ( I may have linked to their main page so when you get there, click where it says message boards.
    Let me know if you have trouble finding it. Here’s the link for right now though:
    This is their main page. They have a noce list of posts and articles there.

  4. One of the kids says:

    joanne, how do I get into the unschooling link you have here on your blog? I got into the message boards for it the other day, but now I can’t! Help!

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