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Thanksgiving as a Vegetarian

Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. Always has been. Party because I don’t care for all the traditional “fall” foods. Seriously, there is nothing appealing to me at a Thanksgiving dinner. Also, as a long time vegetarian, any holiday that centers around killing an animal is not my idea of a celebration.

So on this Thanksgiving, I offer my condolences to all the turkey families out there who lost a loved one and I offer a funny for the day. (hee-hee)

Human Stuffing
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3 Responses to “Thanksgiving as a Vegetarian”

  1. Jenny says:

    Nooooo!! That is hilarious! We do fix a turkey, but you’ll never catch me eating any of it…ack!

    Jenny-up the hill
    Up the Hill Gang

  2. Free Music Software says:

    I fully endorse your views. I also wish to add something else. It is strange that yesterday we exchanged thoughts on our mothers and I now discover that you are a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian as an offering to my mother’s wishes after her passing away. I have not regretted it for a moment since then.

  3. Stairlift says:

    I have some vegetarian friends and they sometimes make tofu turkey – I have never actually had it before, though that may be one solution! Have a great holiday – it’s not all about the food!

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