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Unschooling Interview

A few months ago, a student at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism contacted me and asked if they could interview me about unschooling for research they were doing. Here are her questions, and my answers. 1) You address a lot of the day to day in your blog, but what are the biggest hurdles to starting unschooling? For me, it was changing the way I view education, school and learning. Real learning…learning...

John Holt Quotes

John Holt was at one time, a fifth grade teacher who went on to write How Children Fail and How Children Learn. Click the links or the books below to purchase some of John Holts best writing. He eventually quit teaching and became a speaker and supporter of education reform and went on to write several more books. Deciding that schools could not be reformed, he focused his energies on alternatives to conventional schooling....

A Quote That Sums Up Unschooling For Me

I love this quote… Everything you’ve been taught is someone else’s thought… …Go ahead and create your own. I don’t know who to credit it to but if anyone knows please leave a comment. I have it printed out and it’s hanging in my house. Tags: unschool, unschooling, unschooling encouragement, unschooling quotes Related posts Unschooling Interview (13) Why Whole