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Trusting Your Child

Natural Parenting: Trusting your childby Ela Forest It is natural to have fear for our children’s well-being, but there is no reason not to trust children to know their own limits. Everybody knows their limits much better than those around them. I know exactly how high I can jump, to what shelf I can reach or how big a hammer I can handle, and I don’t put myself in danger. The same goes for children, if we let...

So You Want to Unschool?

Check out this video series from the lovely Laurie A. Couture. Here’s video one of six. © 2011 An Unschooling Life Tags: Laurie Couture, radical unschooling, unschooling encouragement, what is unschooling, youtube Related posts What Is Unschooling? (5) Unschooling Interview (13) Unschooling Article From Education Week (0) Speaking With An Unschooled Child (15) Opportunites For Learning