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Featured Writers

I’m Kimberly Sharpe Slage and I am the proud mother of two girls. Autumn, 17 and Chloe, 11. I have been a full-time mom for almost 18 years. Before becoming a full time mom, I worked as a medical receptionist, a nurse, a UPS driver and a flight attendant. I am extremely grateful each day that I have a wonderful husband, Donald, that supports my adventure with the girls. We could never have become who we are today without his love and compassion for each of us. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, travel and Eastern philosophies. In our adventures over the past 18 years we have lived in Chicago, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. One day I will travel the left side of the United States where I would love to live in Seattle, Wa and Portland, Oregon. But for now, I remain in Orlando, where for many reasons I am still learning, is my home.

Hi, I’m Sylvia Toyama. I am married to Gary, whose trust in me and willingness to go out each day and work, makes this life possible. We have three boys – Will (26), Andy (14), and Dan (10). We are whole-life unschoolers living in Albuquerque, where we spend our days doing what makes us happy, enjoying the company of friends and learning all kinds of cool things as we go. Along the way I spend time reading, knitting, when I’m not reveling in long, swirly conversations with my kids. In my former life, I was a single Mom to one child, working full-time, with little time to play, ponder or enjoy.

I’m Stephanie Waldron, I’ve been with my awesome husband since I was 17. We have 4 children who have never been to school, Kieran (almost 16) Brennan (13) Cassandra (11) and Jared (almost 9). We are long time unschoolers. I am so thankful to spend each day with our kids, watching them learn and grow is a pleasure.