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Day Seventeen

Jacqueline went to Brownies last night. I actually forgot all about it and she reminded me 10 minutes before she had to be there! Good thing it’s only 2 minutes away. Smile
The whole troop went caroling around the neighborhood. Jacqueline of course loves it! She loves singing and is really quite good! After that they had a Christmas party.

I made an appointment for Cimion to be looked at by a modeling agency. I happen to see an ad and he was sitting at a table with me. I looked up at him and figured, why not? He’s tall, slim, handsome and has a great smile. We’ll see what happens.
Our appointment is on Jan. 3.

When Jacqueline was getting ready for bed, we hugged and kissed on the couch, which is by the Christmas tree. I whispered in her ear that it was 2 days until Christmas and that I couldn’t wait to open my gifts. She told me that she could wait because she already has the best gift, the bestest mommy and the bestest daddy. Smile

We’re having friends over for Christmas Eve. Here’s the menu:
Spaghetti with white clam sauce
Spaghetti with marinara sauce
Italian sausages/meat sauce
Meatballs/meat sauce
Chicken Cutlets
Red Potatoes in olive oil
Corn in garlic butter
Tuna Pasta Salad
Caesar Salad

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