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Day 114

Some goings on in our home….

We hosted a pool party for Jacqueline’s Brownie troop last week as a year end party. Everyone had a great time. Smile We had about half the troop here (which was good because there’s over 20 girls in the entire troop!) and they played in the pool and also on our playset and trampoline. Two of the moms stayed and the rest dropped off their kids and then came back a couple of hours later.
The girls were so cute, they kept telling me what a good time they were having and that they loved the watermelon! For some reason, it was a big hit. LOL

In other news…
The other day we went out to eat (which we do only rarely…it gets expensive for the five of us and my kids don’t eat kids meals-not even Jacqueline). So we’re eating and about halfway through our meal, a woman from another table came over. I don’t recall what she said initially, it was something like she was enjoying watching us because we looked like we all got along so well. She told Billy that it was great to see a father and teenage son have an eye to eye conversation. Smile
It was so nice that someone to not only take notice, but then to actually come over to our table and tell us. She said that the kids were well behaved and that the girls were beautiful. Smile

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