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Colonial America

Cimion & Shawna have an on going interest in the Colonial America time period.

I printed out a *timeline for them and we found some interactive websites while checking around online.
A Colonial family & Community
Colonial Kids
Colonial Williamsburg for kids
Our America
You are the historian
Indentured slaves
The Salem witch trials.

They also took out videos from the library the other day:
1. Who’s that Stepping on Plymouth Rock?
2. Squanto
3. Colonial Children
4. School House Rocks: America Rocks

Books they’ve read so far:
Outrageous Women of Colonial America
Life in Colonial America
If you lived in Colonial Times
Chronicles of America: Colonial Times
Sara Mortons Day
Magic Research Guide: American Revolution

We’re also looking forward to seeing The New World.

2 Responses to “Colonial America”

  1. Joanne says:

    Thank you for the suggestion. We added it to our library list.

  2. big mama says:

    We’ve been into colonial times (dd is 6) for a while now. There is a (cheap) book we really loved called Abigail…Before the REvolution. Short story about a 13 year old poor farm girl and her family. For older children it can be the starting point to many learning avenues. You can order it through the Claude Moore Colonial Farm (I don’t work for them!), at

    Just thought I’d share. Have fun!

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