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An Unschooling Life was created in 2005 as a way of chronicling our unschooling journey and to also give encouragement and advice to those who want to start on this path.

We are a multiracial family of five consisting of myself (Joanne), my husband Billy, my son Cimion and my daughters Shawna & Jacqueline. We also have two dogs (Mini & TJ) and an iguana named Buddie. My husband & I are native New Yorkers from Brooklyn and we moved to Florida in 2002, where we adopted our three children. The adoption took place in 2003 when my children were 5, 8 and 11 and were in the foster care system.

Our children (mainly my son and older daughter) have dealt with a variety of emotional, mental and physiological issues and although my daughter has overcome a lot of her fears and trust issues, my son continues to struggle with them and probably¬† always will. After trying to homeschool/unschool him for over a year I had to place him back in school for my daughters mental well being and their safety.¬† My daughters have been unschoolers since 2004 and they are the main focus of this blog. I post about my son’s struggles more on my adoption blog, Forever Parents. If you are a parent through adoption (or considering it), please stop by, and also check out our private adoption forum which is full of supportive and compassionate people.

This blog is also home to Unschooling Voices, the unschooling blog carnival. Click the links in the sidebar to read past editions.

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